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Advanced Glygation End Products – AGE’s and Sugar

Superior Glycation Finish Merchandise (AGE’s) and Sugar Overconsumption of sugar is a well-known well being drawback however most don’t notice how critical is may be. Superior glycation end-products (AGE’s) are a mixture of sugar and protein that mix right into a nugatory, inflammatory international substance that accelerates degenerative ailments. The over-abundance of sugar within the physique leads to an assault on many cells and proteins of the physique. This hazard appears to get little press, maybe as a result of it solely got here to mild within the late 1980’s. AGE’s are a cross linking or hook up of a sugar molecule and a protein. There could be a cross hyperlink with lipoproteins which additionally include fats in addition to protein. Right here is the issue with AGE’s, they trigger:

  • Cardiovascular issues by their hook-up with blood vessel linings and thereby improve the speed of atherosclerosis, coronary heart assault and stroke
  • Pores and skin issues by binding to the collagen (fiber) and growing wrinkles and producing much less flexibility within the pores and skin.
  • Eye issues by making the lens cloudy and hardened
  • Kidney issues by interference with the nephrons that filter out wastes within the kidneys.
  • Nerve transmission issues by interference with sign conduction as a result of resistance produced by AGE’s on nerve tissue.
  • Cognitive decline as a result of they trigger irritation in mind tissue and impede neurotransmission.
  • Overworking of the immune system, particularly the macrophages

AGE’s are international irritants to the physique and should be handled. It’s the job of the macrophages (pac-man kind of white blood cells) that are geared up with particular AGE receptors, to take care of the culprits. Macrophages do certainly take out these AGE’s however it could actually change into a pricey expenditure of immune system sources. Macrophages lead the cost in most immune responses and their diminished numbers can’t be good for immune well being.

There are a lot of stories of over consumption of sugar however most conclude U.S. residents devour from 139 kilos to 159 kilos per particular person per yr. Michael Cutler, M.D. stories the newest statistic is 170 kilos per particular person per yr.

That sounds unbelievable and onerous to imagine however the meals business provides sugar to actually all the things. They realized candy all the time sells higher. You identify it…catsup, salad dressing, soup, any packaged meals… nearly all have sugar added.

One of many largest and most important contributors to sugar overconsumption is sodas. There are from eight to 12 teaspoons of sugar in most beverage sodas. Many fruit juices bought within the grocery store add water and have sugar added within the type of excessive fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

There are numerous types of sugar that even pure meals have. The desk sugar that everybody is conversant in comprises two sugar molecules, glucose and a fructose molecule.

At one time fructose (fruit sugar) was considered higher for you. Sadly when stripped away from the opposite metabolites present in fruit, it’s far more of a well being hazard.

Ordinarily fructose (in fruit) is accompanied by bioflavonoids and polyphenols which are nice antioxidants; they counteract oxidative free radical harm and irritation. As well as there are nutritional vitamins, minerals, catalysts and solely God is aware of what else that helps the metabolism of the fructose. The fructose is much less concentrated in fruit.

When fructose is separated from these useful elements there’s a 10 fold improve (1000 %) accumulation of AGE’s. There’s compelling proof that pure fructose, as that present in excessive fructose corn syrup (HFCS)…together with glucose… is a significant reason behind the weight problems epidemic present in our Western world.

The physique was not design to deal with such excessive concentrations of sugar, stripped and separated from different serving to metabolites. Why is concentrated fructose, like that present in HFCS, so dangerous? The straightforward reply is it related to well being destruction by:

  • Harm to fructose metabolism
  • Propelling diabetes II
  • Producing atherosclerosis, coronary heart illness and stroke
  • Affiliation with improve weight problems
  • Elevated inflammatory uric acid
  • Elevated gout

Dr. Joseph Mercola, N.D. has one of the crucial creditable, leading edge, well being blogs on the web. He says this about fructose, it:

  • Will increase insulin resistance
  • Will increase hypertension
  • Elevates triglycerides
  • Will increase heart problems…coronary heart assault and stroke
  • Will increase non alcoholic fatty liver illness
  • Is related to elevated most cancers
  • Will increase arthritis and Is very correlated to weight problems and weight achieve

To place the fructose consumption in perspective, 100 years in the past 15 grams per particular person per day was consumed. In the present day the estimate is 73 grams per particular person per day. That’s practically a fivefold improve.

The widespread use of HFCS turned prevalent in the course of the 1970’s. HFCS is 20% sweeter and is cheaper than desk sugar. This implies the meals business will favor its use due to backside line earnings. Fifty 5 % of all sugar sweetener used within the meals business is HFCS.

Fructose not solely propels weight problems however it’s now intently related to the primary killer in the usA. That is heart problems. It’s related to hypertension, coronary heart assault and stroke.

The over abundance of sugar within the blood and elsewhere within the physique over saturates any tissue it is available in contact with, produces irritation and creates superior glycation finish merchandise. These propel degenerative ailments, untimely cell dying and in the end a shorter lifespan.

Julian Whitaker, M.D., stories in his June 2010 publication to chop again on sugars (glucose & fructose) and take good dietary supplements. What are good dietary supplements? He lists vitamin B-1 within the type of Benfotiamine which is fats soluble (B’s normally are solely water soluble) and vitamin B-6. He additionally recommends ALA (alpha lipoic acid). All of those dietary supplements are reportedly helpful to enchancment of diabetes II signs, particularly neuropathy, in addition to decreasing the manufacturing of AGE’s.

Not surprisingly, apparently because of drug firm affect, the FDA has tried to dam the sale of pure B-6. Since this substance counter-acts the frequent unintended effects of diabetes II, by way of neuropathy and different organ harm, it competes with the sale of diabetes medication.

Dr. Whitaker has efficiently handled hundreds of diabetes sufferers over time at his Whitaker Wellness Clinic with out medication. He stories that decreasing sugars, including good dietary supplements can reverse lots of the deleterious signs ensuing from diabetes. These embody neuropathy (ache & numbness in extremities), cardiovascular, eye, pores and skin and kidney issues.